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Founded in 1994, the Kane Team set out to establish an organization that ensures every client’s Security needs are met, whether they are emergent, urgent or routine.  Kane is the leading provider in Security Consulting and Investigative services in Utah.

With over 75 years of combined experience and a vast network of trusted partners and professionals with extensive security education and training, we are the only full service security consulting, security management, private investigative and medical services company in Utah.


The Kane Team


Shawn Kane

Shawn Kane is a 27-year veteran of the security and investigative industry. His extensive knowledge is drawn from participating in several different training seminars and educational courses provided by the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, BATFE, ASIS International and local and State Law Enforcement Agencies. He also draws his experience from the involvement in over 1100 hundred surveillance operations, more than a thousand background investigations, and hundreds of security events, scenarios and situations. As well, Mr. Kane has been Director of Security for more than 500+ major events in Utah and across the country including the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. He has worked with major corporations on asset protection, fraud prevention, employee investigations, and employee safety and security. He has designed, written and implemented several hundred operations manuals including evacuation guidelines, incident response guidelines, security operations guidelines, event specific guidelines, and threat assessment manuals. Throughout the years, he has managed and trained over 4000 security staff for all types of security events and protective details. Shawn is certified in the NIMS program taught by FEMA. From 2008 to 2011, Mr. Kane was President of the Private Investigators Association of Utah. Mr. Kane was also Chairman to the DPS PI Hearing & Licensure Board from 2009-2014.