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Founded in 1994, the Kane Team set out to establish an organization that ensures every client’s Security needs are met, whether they are emergent, urgent or routine.  Kane is the leading provider in Security Consulting and Investigative services in Utah.

With over 75 years of combined experience and a vast network of trusted partners and professionals with extensive security education and training, we are the only full-service security consulting, security management, private investigative and EMS services company in Utah.


The Kane Team


Shawn Kane

Shawn Kane has a 30-years tenure in the security and investigative realm, enriched by a wealth of knowledge garnered from diverse training seminars and educational courses conducted by agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, BATFE, ASIS International, and various local and State Law Enforcement Agencies. His expertise is further underscored by active involvement in over two thousand surveillance operations, conducting in excess of eighteen hundred background investigations, and overseeing more than three thousand Special Events across the nation and globally over the last 30 years.

He has partnered with both large and small companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, offering comprehensive Security Consulting and Investigations services aligned with the industry best practices. This includes expertise in asset protection, fraud prevention, risk assessments, ICS, and employee safety and security. Shawn has authored and implemented numerous Security Operations Manuals covering Incident Command Structure for Special Events, Emergency Communication and Incident Response plans, Shelter in Place/Evacuation procedures, Event-Specific Security Operations Plans, Post Orders, Crowd Management Plans, and Threat Assessments.

With a proven track record, Shawn has successfully overseen and trained a workforce exceeding 5000 security personnel for various security events and protective assignments. Notably, he served as President of the Private Investigators Association of Utah from 2008 to 2014 and chaired the DPS PI Hearing & Review Board from 09-2014. Currently, Shawn holds positions on the NCISS Board as an At-Large Director and serves on the Utah Security Council Board as the Vice President.